I fell in love with Long Beach the moment I set foot in this city ten years ago.  Its strong sense of community reminded me of the town where I grew up in northern Italy.

Community was what defined who I am. My parents are so community-oriented, they practically decided to start one of their own by having five children. My father Anselmo was a top cyclist in Italy, winning a silver medal at the 1948 London Olympics. He taught us (his children) sportsmanship and teamwork, and eventually I went on to play pro-basketball. My mother Giusy, now 90, imprinted upon us compassion for others and love for people and nature.

After finishing my studies in foreign languages in Monza (where Formula 1 engines roar just like the ones in the LB Grand Prix!), I traveled around the world working in the tourism sector, which was truly an education in human cooperation. Then I settled in Southern California, which I’ve called home for 30 years now.  My wife and I have always dreamed of eventually moving closer to the water, and Long Beach was the perfect fit for us. It’s a place where people still greet each other on the street. Long Beach is HOME.

Living close to the beach and parks is fantastic but it also lets me see everything, the positive and the difficult parts of humanity. I decided to get involved in making things better in my neighborhood by joining Friends of Bixby Park (FOBP), aiming to activate the park with positive events, organizing clean-ups and making it safe and fun for everyone. I started leading FOBP to create a point of reference for whomever had questions, needed help, or just wanted someone to play with. We continue clean-ups, support the Farmers Market, and showcase local artists and crafters.

One day a 90-year-old, unhoused lady, living in peril in the park, asked for my help. I learned to navigate the system until I got her into an apartment. That first-hand experience led me to gradually get to know every unhoused person in our park, and I’ve been working every day since to help them in some way. It also led me to a new job as a senior services provider and senior advocate. I continue nonetheless to do outreach on a volunteer basis to help those who can’t get by on their own.

I also fought hard to make the park safer and more fun for everyone. I succeeded in getting Park Rangers around the park to give people an extra sense of security and finally our park was thriving. Unfortunately, the Park Ranger program, never supported by the current Councilwoman, has been dismantled, and we are now facing more challenges in the park.

Our requests for help to the City have gone nowhere.

We don’t feel heard.

We don’t see enough change.

I feel compelled to become involved in city government because I have firsthand experience of achieving success, yet also seeing that success stymied. But I never give up. I know where the system is broken and where the system works.  I know I can make a difference and continue to make District 2 safer and happier. I believe in action over empty conversation. I have been surrounding myself with other energetic and committed people wanting a better quality of life for our neighborhoods. We have had success on our small scale, and I truly feel that with the interest and involvement of the community and a council seat backing us up, I can expand that success to a bigger area and perhaps inspire more districts to follow.

In my opinion, the time for change was YESTERDAY!

We need a council member who is present, responsive, and who has shown over and over that she will roll up her sleeves and engage directly with the challenges we face.

Ketty’s official Candidate Statement for the Sample Ballot can be viewed here.

That’s Ketty! Top row, third from the left.

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